When we work with talented young sportsmen we should not leave out their health and mental condition. Both characteristics are crucial for the key role in development of long-term relationship to sport but also their active performance in training and competition.

Improve your mental condition

For our ELITE team we use SportMind diagnostics. SportMind can reveal the unconscious parts of human mind. It allows coaches, trainers and psychologists to look into the psyche of sportsmen. It immediately uncovers the problem of a team or individual and shows it in well-arranged charts. The coach/trainer/psychologist can then take advantage of the information at the present time and in long-term, too.

At the very first time we have used SportMind, I immediately noticed the positive change of attitude of the Elite team girls towards training and also their training moral. They had noticeably better measured results! But what I appreciate the most is the fact that our communication was improved and there was e great boost in their motivation.
— Dana Jandová, ELITE team coach

Usage for individual sportsmen:

  • Uncover strong suits and weak spots of sportsman’s psyche
  • Personal growth of sportsman
  • Selecting the suitable role for sportsman in the team
  • A tool to making up a suitable training plan
  • Solution to crisis in motivation of sportsman

Usage for sport teams:

  • Setting up steps towards improving atmosphere in the team
  • Clarification of reasons of coping or not coping with stress situations
  • Setting up the proper form of motivation in the team
  • Clarification of causes that lead to lower performance

How SportMind works and helps?