HESU now offers training sessions for 6-12 years old children. They will learn basics of athletics, gymnastics and ball games.  Why enlist your children with us? There are four main reasons:

  • Our training sessions are complex – It is not just one sided exercise focused on physical strengthening. Children are also taught about muscle relaxation and healthy lifestyle

  • We have knowledge and experience – Courses were created under supervision of experts on training, relaxation and nutrition. They also helped Zuzana Hejnová, with obvious results

  • Zuzana Hejnová is not just a background figure – Zuzana will personaly lead some of the courses so children will have oportunity to meet and train with World Champion.

  • We go beyond training – Ultimately, kids will be able to compare their strenght and skills with children from other cities. We also organize sport camps and help the most talented students to develope their potencial in an individual program.

At schools in Prague, České Budějovice and Liberec HESU is holding training sessions focused on athletics under supervision of our trainers. There are also out-of-school sessions for athletic basics and group games.


Meridian International School

Trainer: Michaela Šlosarová | +420 775 663 248 | mslosarova@hejnova.cz

HESU Training Sessions for Children (6-12 years), September 2018-June 2019 (trainings are going to start in the week from 25th September) 

  • Tuesday: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


3 450 CZK (6 months) / 6 000 CZK (1 year)

10 kids and more = limit for opening the class with normal price
6-9 kids = only if all parents agreed to pay a higher fee(+4500 CZK (year)/ 2400 CZK (6 months)  


Click on the button "Application form", you will be redirected to our registration system.

  1. If your child has already visited our classes, go to point 4 and then point 6. Otherwise first create an account "Nový účet" (your personal account - fill email, password, name and surname)

  2. On your email you’ll receive validation email -> the registration is valid after clicking on the link in the validation email

  3. Go to sign in and log in your profile

  4. On the tab "Úvod" (introduction) click on "Nový účastník" (new participant) and fill all information about your child

  5. On the tab "Kroužky" (courses) choose the one you want your child sign up for.

  6. In the case of siblings we offer a 10% discount. In the step "Payment Prescription" (selection options half year or full year), enter the discount code "SOUROZENCI10".

  7. Your application will be confirmed in 10 days by our administrator.

  8. Filled and confirmed application you find on the tab "Úvod" (introduction) in section "Přihlášky ke stažení" (application to download). On your application you find all the necessary information for payment incl. identification number.

Please, bring filled application printed and signed on the first lesson. In case of any questions feel free to contact Markéta Pavlů - mpavlu@hejnova.cz 

In case of needed an invoice please contact us via email - mpavlu@hejnova.cz - please specify all the necessary details (name, date of birth, additional text requirements) .