About Zuzka

Zuzana Hejnová is not just anyone. At the 2003 she became World Youth Champion in Athletics. After she successfully left her junior years behind she became the World Champion. All the experience and know-how she and her team gathered during her career are foundations of HESU.


About HESU

HESU Academy is open for: children, youths and adults alike and it doesn’t solely focus on movement and body improvement. It also teaches values of healthy lifestyle, relaxing and friendship. HESU organizes various events like races and camps to ensure healthy competition. Thanks to the team of specialists and Zuzana herself, HESU provides results, unique approach to training and opportunity for people who love sports to meet.


Elite Team

HESU also have an Elite Team of young and talented students. We support them in their endeavour to become professional athletes.  Even you can contribute to our cause and become our sponsor. Help these exceptional kids reach their dreams, while your name will be associated with Sports Academy of the World Champion.